ALG Entertaiment

At ALG ENTERTAIMENT we have a history of more than 10 years where we have provided support to local, national and international bands and promoters that require our service. – We provided help to promoters who at the time brought bands and it was unusual to have events in our city. We collaborated by distributing flyers outside the events and/or at the venues, we posted posters around the different counties and helped with whatever was necessary during the events. Our intention is to support each other, we listen to proposals and give our point of view. We seek the growth of both parties so that we continue working in the short or long term depending on the situation. We have worked in different genres and types of events such as: parades, festivals, catwalks, private parties and massive concerts in the rock, regional Mexican and pop genres. The list of artists is quite extensive but just as we have worked with great bands, we give the opportunity to emerging bands. In our team we have a person in charge of public relations; who is in charge of collaborating with promoters and bands that seek to conduct interviews at a national level, photographer and staff who support us when we have to cover events. We would like you to allow us to support you with the promotion of your talents by spreading it on our social networks and to be able to cover them when they are on tour in the United States so that we can take *images, videos and a brief review to be able to finish the work.