Free lander promoter working and exhibiting events, concerts and festivals in the tri state area and the US!

Passion Turned Into Profession…

I am Alain Garcia!


I am an independent promoter who works coordinating with promoters and bands to promote their events on a mass level with very strong support. I invite you to send me a friend request!!!



It works and exhibits events, concerts and festivals in the tri-state area and the United States.


We have more than 10 years of experience where we have provided support to local, national and international bands.

Event advertising


We work hard on advertising through all media, so that the events are a success.



Our intention is to support each other, we listen to proposals and give our point of view.

My support!


Our work

We work in different genres and types of events such as: parades, festivals, catwalks, private parties and massive concerts in the rock, regional Mexican and pop genres.


How we support

We collaborated by distributing flyers or fliers outside the events and/or in the premises, we posted posters around the different counties and helped with whatever was necessary during the events.

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We seek the growth of both parties so that we continue working in the short or long term depending on the situation.


“Promote your events at a mass level with very strong support..”

Alain Garcia